13 Hilarious Videos From Gus Johnson, King of the Long Vine


    Though Vine is dead, it’s spirit lives on through Gus Johnson – a funny dude proficient in short vids (but hey also longer vlogs). You can zip right through these bad boys in no time and be full to the brim with chuckles.

    Get more Gus from his Youtube Channel, Twitter, as well as his successfully funded Kickstarter Web Series Par 9, which according to the Kickstarter page will be released weekly on YouTube in October.

    1. Legends say this is how Snoop Dogg originally recorded this.

    2. This message is brought to you by Preniset Obama.

    3. Never leave home without it.Β 

    4. Man, songs like this just don’t get played on the radio these days.

    5. The next half hour of music is brought to you ad-free thanks to the following sponsor.

    6. He’s just too damn quick, sir.

    7. Must see viewing before your next big party.

    8. Ahhhh safe and sound.

    9. This poor guy.

    10. Vera Bradley.

    11. And the nominees for Best Director of a Viral Social Media Video are…

    12. Thank god for the Internet.

    13. Turns out nobody wants to hear that shit.

    BONUS: A not short video at all.




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